gramberg, harald

Electronic, Ambient, Experimental, Psychedelic (Germany)

Harald Gramberg is a journalist, broadcast moderator and sound project artist from Germany. His music is a psychedelic electronic journey with a gloomy atmosphere and a spacy mood, in the spirit of the sixties and seventies, which goes from ambient soundscapes to experimental electronica & avant-garde. All instruments are played and arranged by Harald Gramberg, between the early seventies and 2017.


My name is Harald Gramberg, and under this name my musical works are also published. It all began in the early 1970s with various acoustic instruments.
Some recordings still exist, have been revised acoustically in the meantime and are still used sporadically by me for new sound projects. It had started in 2013, initially with a simple keyboard and various virtual synths.In the course of time, the demands grew, and today almost everything is created with the aid of a Moog synthesizer, an E-drums, a loop station and various sequencers. Sound generation with the aid of suitable software still has a high priority, e.g. for the production of artificial voices and natural sounds. I have never wanted to set myself on a specific genre - everything from Berlin School and Ambient to Industrial and Avant-garde to Synthpop. However, Psychedelic and spacey influences are an absolute must.
My albums are only available for download at the Netlabels Aumega Project and Nebular Silence, publications on physical phonograms are not conceived in the medium term.
Harald Gramberg - April 2017