Rogue Society

Psychedelic, Post-Rock, Experimental (New Zealand)

Rogue Society, a neo psychedelic instrumental duo formed this year. Their music is mellow yet enticing with long organic builds and experimental changes, breaking many boundaries compared to traditional song structures. Their sound has been descirbed as "hypnotic & meditative"

The band consists of Damon Spijkerbosch & George Hartshorn who met in a previous group who performed over 250 gigs and opened for Pat Benatar & America. They have recently setup up an idyllic studio on the coast of New Zealand. These boys have many great stories to share of their underground adventures.

They consistently performed in pubs, clubs since the age of 14. Growing a strong following. They soon grew tired of being paid in tequila shots and began writing a lot of music. This music was never released.

During this time their group managed to win the Battle of the Musos competition for 3 consecutive years, placed top 20 in the National Smokefree Rockquest, achieved first place in Dunedin Battle of the Bands, performed in front of 10,000-15,000 people, awarded Wakatipu High School's Culture Blues award and George even picked up a few Best Instrumentalist & Musician awards.

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