23 and Beyond the Infinite

Neo-Psychedelic, Experimental, Shoegaze (Italy)

23 and Beyond the infinite were born in BeneventoItaly, in the may of 2012.

The debut work in studio is in 2013 with "Dumbo gets drunk" EP made by four tracks, that wants to be an introduction to the first album full-leght of the band, so, in February 2014 come out: "Faces from the ancient gallery" a psychedelic full immersion in nine songs.

Subsequently on the summer of 2015 the band goes back in the recording room and few months later come out: "LOATH-Insane Mind Festival" seven "noisedelic" tracks.

The last work is called: "GENERAZIONI" and came out on the fall of 2017.It is an EP, four songs with a new and cool impact.