★All Aumega Project / 23 Stab Wounds - Records releases★

Damo Suzuki's Network - Live at Radio Zagreb (AP-371)

Improvisation, Krautrock, Experimental Rock, Psychedelic (Germany)

Rinfiggi - voicemail (SWR-0028)

Independent, Alternative Rock, Art Rock (Italy)

OddsFiche - Holiday Snaps (AP-370)

Psychedelic, Post Rock, Experimental, Progressive (Canada)


Alnocys - Alnocys 3 (23SWR-0027)

Electronica, Kosmische Musik, Ambient, Experimental (Argentina)

Venus Loon - Havoc (AP-369)

Space Rock, Psychedelic, Krautrock, Experimental (England)

Mihaly Wulfen - Gossamer Springglare (AP-368)

Electronica, Ambient, Kosmische Musik, Krautrock, Drones, Experimental (Hungary)

Starburst Galaxy - Drone Beasts (23SWR-0026)

Ambient, Drone, Soundscapes, Electronica, Experimental, Kosmische Musik (Hungary)

Starburst Galaxy - Space Vagrant (23SWR-0025)

Ambient, Drone, Soundscapes, Electronica, Experimental, Kosmische Musik (Hungary)

Larry&Creature - Lord of Vampires (23SWR24)

Horror Punk, Psychedelic Rock, Freak Beat, Rock 'n' Roll (England)

Thomas Park - Adolescents Vomiting Drugs (23SWR-0023)

Generative, Electronic, Groove, Experimental (U.S.A.)

Wilfried Hanrath - Secrets Unfold, Vol. I (AP-367)

Electronic, Experimental, Ambient, Jazz-Rock, Fusion, Krautrock, Psychedelic (Germany)

Mayan Ruins - Mother of Serpents (AP-366)

Psychedelic, Tribal Music (U.S.A.)

Unbard Gates - Escape Into Other Worlds (23SWR-0022)

Electronic, IDM, Ambient, Experimental, Electronic Rock, Psychedelic (U.S.A.)

23 and Beyond the Infinite - Lumen del Mundo (AP-365)

Neo-Psychedelic, Experimental, Shoegaze (Italy)

Djin Aquarian & Karen Zanes - Unity Consciousness (AP-264)

Psychedelic, Psychedelia, Psychedelic Folk, Acid Folk (U.S.A.)

Ronit Bergman - Pudding - To My Nervous System With Love (AP-363)

Sandalgaze, Shoegaze, Neo-Psychedelia (Macedonia)