An Eagle in your Mind

Abstract-Folk, Psychedelic Rock, Sacred Music, Abstract Hip-Hop (France)

"An Eagle in your Mind distills a folk bristling with hip-hop percussion, hypnotic delays, 70 'synths and exotic drones. An abstract folk at the crossroads of psychedelic rock, sacred music and abstract hip-hop. Paradoxical alchemy between so many heterogeneous elements, An Eagle in your Mind likes to blur the borders. It's a nomad duo that pursues music as a journey, a thirst for horizon and light.

Since 2015 it is on the roads of Europe and Africa that the duo composes and records. Along the way, the duo surrounds itself with a colorful and flourishing instrumentarium: guembri (acoustic bass that accompanies the songs of healers from Sudan to Morocco), Indian harmonium, dreadnought guitar, banjo, Berber or Brazilian percussion, drum machine, synthesizers, etc.

From this base the duo brings out a modern folk, suffused with electric tension."

Sophia: lead vocals, indian harmonium, sampler

Raoul: back vocals, guitar, percussions