and i

Psychedelic Rock, Dub (Japan)

and I is a Tokyo based Psychedelic Rock, Dub band.

and I makes music to escape from Tokyo-reality because Tokyo is full of gray minded bullshit.

They believe outside of Japan it will be fruitful and colorful. One day they will land on Europe then realize calm is only deep inside, not anywhere else. But it's too late, they already started playing.

Until the day they can play completely silent, they'll keep  screaming meaningless poetry


All that we see or seem Is but a dream within a dream. Night dream is a day dream sees a night.  All that we sees in night dream is all that truth.

Taikii Chiba - Vo. Gt. / Jin Ohkubo - Gt. / Okuyama "YOUNG" Ippei -  Ba. / Sutou "DUB TURMERIC" Akito - Dr.