Electronic, Avant-garde, Dark Ambient, Jazz, Experimental, Progressive Rock (Germany)

Aphrayth is the solo project of the drummer & instrumentalist Wolfgang Ostermann (Frequency Drift, Mortal Agony, Belladonna, Worb) and combines a wide variety of styles from Avant-garde, Progressive Rock, Jazz and modern electronic music such as Dubstep, Drone or Trap.
The works are all collections of the most diverse acoustic sources, lovingly curated and playfully synthesized.
Own samples and soundscapes, stylistic devices from Industrial and Glitch elements, meet here on drums and percussion, as well as other, more classic sounds, such as piano or guitar.


Aphrayth weaves this into an intense relationship, often asymmetrical, rubbing against each other in order to find a reconciling unity or vice versa.


Not only the sound but also the project name and the song titles leave room for your own imagination and play with alienated terms from human language, which are supposed to describe the acoustic worlds.


With Aphrayth, the listener is immersed in a sound spectacle, which ostensibly consists of overload, overreaction and overstrain, but which after a short acclimatization is able to pick up on himself.