ronit bergman


Sandalgaze, Shoegaze, Neo-Psychedelia (Macedonia)

Ronit Bergman is a charismatic multidisciplinary artist- primarily a musician, but also a great poetess and actress from Haifa, Israel.

The beginning of her career, which mostly took place outside her native country, will be marked in the 90’s with the Israeli band Plastic Venus screaming amalgams of voices and riffs in Sonic Youth style ("I still can't believe this is an Israeli band" John Peel, “Your country needs more bands like yours” Jello Biafra), to be followed by establishing an artistic career in London and Los Angeles. At the beginning of the new millennium, she lived for three years in Tel Aviv where she held rock music classes for kindergarten and high school children. Later on, she moves in Macedonia- her husband’s native country (her husband is the musician Darko Janevski, also a member of Undone) and soon after, she and her husband formed the band ONE OF US, together with a couple of local musicians. They recorded one album, "Between". Undone was created un-planned, but it became one of the most original releases on the Balkans over the last ten years. It was born when Ronit and Darko Tasevski were invited to perform in the studio od radio station in Skopje, where Ronit spoke and sang her lyrics on an improvised melody. So far Ronit has released eight albums with Undone, on March 2nd she released her solo album "Pudding - To My Nervous System With Love".