Electronic, Electronic Rock, Dream Pop (France)

Colourful is a music project by Jan Fabritius. He´s accompanied in the studio by long-term friend and collaborator Stephan Maier, who beside Moosh Lahav is also part of the live band.

Colourful’s music is warm, emotive and powerful, taking the listener on a heartfelt journey, where pop casts a blinding shadow on consumptive beauty; reflected by a carefully shattered mirror and with the depth of an oil rig, each song reveals a lasting image… or as Soundcloud puts it: #Electronic  
#Electronic Rock  #Dream Pop

The name Colourful exudes childish joy and a certain naivete; it emphasizes variety without clinging onto a stiff definition. This goes in perfect harmony with the Jan´s intention to evolve naturally, to process the richness of influences without giving in to any genre´s boundaries. “Colourful” can therefore also be considered an imperative for diversity, a call for inclusion, and thus an antithesis to the worldwide trend of labelling nowadays (be it in music, culture or politics).

Jan Fabritius

Photo by Nirto Karsten Fischer