Das Blaue Palais

Neo Kraut, Electro-Kraut, Krautrock, Electronica, Post-Rock (Germany)

Neo-Kraut-Elektro from the metropolis Düsseldorf, in tradition, yet with a timeless component. Motoric "Endless Straight Line", analog synths, sequencer anthems from the 70s and wonderfully naive-minimalist lyrics turn the wheel of history.

At the core of Elektropop, played with the methods of postmodernity. "Greetings from Düsseldorf" is the conceivable subtitle, so much euphoric detail love comes this music therefore, weightless, cyclical qualities between Neu!, Kraftwerk, La Düsseldorf and Harmonia, sometimes in short pop, sometimes sprawling with vocal samples and hypnotic endlessness.

A congenial reference to the electronic sound of the 70's.

Das Blaue Palais is named after a German science fiction TV-Series, this and also the name the first album "Alexander Zwo" (also a German TV Series) and the name of the second Album "Welt am Draht" (a TV-Movie by Rainer Werner Fassbinder), shows Jochen Oberlack's preference for the Pop Culture, especially his love for German TV Culture in the 70's.

In December 2018, Das Blaue Palais released the "Welt am Draht" Outtake & Remix Album "Studio Telerop" exclusive on Aumega Project.



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