Frankensteins Ballet

Krautrock, Psychedelic, Experimental, Improvisation, Ethno Rock, Krautpunk (Germany)

Frankensteins Ballet, active since 2003, is a kind of a Krautrock All-Star band. All members of the band played, or still play, in many well known bands and with several well known artists, like Damo Suzuki & Michael Karoli from one of the most important bands ever, the Krautrock Legend Can, Michael Rother of Neu! another Krautrock pioneer of the Motorik beat, Embryo, World Music inventors and also one of the first Krautrock bands, Yellow Sunshine Explosion Germany's "Psychedelic and Garage Rock - Revival" cult band of the 80's, all musicians of Frankensteins Ballet are extremely active since several decades.

For Example, Michael Karoli & Damo Suzuki, who both were deeply impressed of Thomas Hopf's superb

drum skills, after a few collaborations and after listening to Yellow Sunshine Explosion's marvelous "Legendary Tape", wanted to work together with him, so he a.o. still is playing music with Damo Suzuki and did an US-tour with him and Michael Karoli, in 1998, which got enormously good feedback and also resulted in the great TV documentary "Over the Air", by Peter Braatz which was broadcasted in 1999.

Thomas and Alex Schönert traveled later often halfway around the world with Damo Suzuki, both also played at Michael Karolis Can - Solo project until his death in 2001, Alex also toured a lot with Michael Rother, Jens Pollheide & Mik Quantius traveled with Embryo till the end of the world & back . . . aso . . .

Frankensteins Ballet consists of Thomas Hopf (YSE, Damo Suzuki, Michael Karoli a.m.) on drums, Alex Schönert (Jelly Planet, Michael Rother a.m.) on guitar, Jens Pollheide (Embryo, Transorient Orchestra, Nefes in Motion, Kleopatra a.m.) on bass, Sascha Jakowlew (Trava a.m.) on synthesizer and flute, Pascha Fuchs (Trava a.m.) on bajan and also almost from beginning of Frankensteins Ballet in 2003, Mik Quantius (Embryo, Mikrokosmos a.m.) with his extraordinary voice work on the microphone.

There are also several guest musicians like Maksim Diagilev on saxophones & Hasan Görgün on darbuka, among others who occasionally joins Frankensteins Ballet  for spontaneous concerts or studio recordings.

The Œuvre of Frankensteins Ballet goes from classical 60's/70's Krautrock, comparable to bands like Can, Agitation Free, Faust, Amon Düül II or Embryo, to Neo-Krautrock, to Ethno, Polka, World Music, Folklore, Traditional & Contemporary, Avant-garde to Krautpunk & Noise, with influences from around the world. Always for body & soul, danceable, impulsive rhythmic, on the point with playful and marvelous thick moods, highly inspired by the respective moments & feelings and the prevailing state of consciousness.

At the beginning of 2019 Mik Quantius left Frankensteins Ballet, Jenny the new female singer  joined the band in the middle of the year and at the end of 2019, Frankensteins Ballet joined Aumega Project.



Thomas Hopf is also a solo artist and also a member of

Yellow Sunshine Explosion