Alternative, Experimental, Wave, Indie-Rock, Post-Rock (Italy)

Fulmen is a solo-project of Italian alternative music composer Matteo Mirandola.

Matteo was born in the province of Verona in 1971. After having obtained the scientific diploma, he graduated in architecture in Venice. Married, he has a daughter. In 2021 he took on the artistic pseudonym of Fulmen that in ancient roman language means “lighting”.  In the 90s he was part of some rock'n roll bands of the lower Po Valley (Fishing Boys, BMP, Everdrunk).  After those experiences, it came a long public exibition pause in which he nevertheless continues to experiment and practice with his Telecaster. Only in the middle of 2021 he decides to pick up the pieces of his past in order to return to composing. His music is not easily defineble. He says it is "Restless rock" because of the psychological approach and the continuous research that can be felt among the notes, in which you can feel the presence of Psych, Experimental, Kraut, Wave, Stoner and sometimes Singer-Songwriter influences.