Glaze of Cathexis

Psychedelic Rock, Experimental, Shoegaze, Electronica (Japan)

Since  connecting  over  music  at  a  sci  fi-themed  bar  (as  a  laser  battle  of  flamboyant  proportions  ensued  wildly  around)  in  a  small  city  100  km  north  of  Tokyo  over  10  years  ago,  a  creative  partnership  developed  in  the  form  of  Glaze of Cathexis.  The music is psychedelic rock that has overtones of shoegaze and electronic.  Influences include Syd Barrett, My Bloody Valentine, and Guided By Voices.  The group is made up of Matthew  Comegys  (ex-Atlanta,  USA)  and  Scott  Atkinson  (ex-Brisbane,  Australia),  who  both  derive  their  unique  creative  inspiration  and  resonance  from  dwelling  in  Japan.  Make sure to check out their work as the Electrick Sages as well, where they air out their love of funk, soul, and Bowie in an art rock setting.


Matthew  Comegys & Scott  Atkinson are also members of

Electrick Sages

Matthew  Comegys & Scott  Atkinson