häfliger, mike

Psychedelic, Progressive, Space Rock (Switzerland)

Mike Häfliger aka Tipi Mike is a free thinker and Psychedelic gitarrist from Switzerland. He is well known for his Solo Work, but also for his works with bands like Jampot, Spacenote or the German Psychedelic-Spacerock Band Space Invaders (with Members of Electric Orange, Knall & Weltraum)

He had also some live collaboration with sixties and seventies Krautrock, Psychedelic and Space Rock pioneers, like Damo Suzuki (Can), Mani Neumeier (Guru Guru) or Nik Turner (Hawkwind).

His impressive guitar work on his white Pot-Head Strat (hand painted by the great Daevid Allen (* 01.13.1938 - † 03.13.2015) of Gong) reminds often of Jimi Hendrix's guitar playing. He's also known for his great improvise and his penchant for long ecstatic Jam's, always open minded in the search for a new state of mind. Mike's Œuvre goes from Acoustic Folk, Progressive & Psychedelic Rock to Experimental Soundscapes.