Wilfried Hanrath

Electronic, Experimental, Ambient, Jazz-Rock, Fusion, Krautrock, Psychedelic (Germany)

Wilfried Hanrath is a freestyle and non-genre composer & sound-designer, from Wuppertal, Germany.

He grew up with Classical Music, Krautrock, Fusion, the beginnings of German Electronic Music and they all have a deep inpact on him and sure are influences. His main instrument is the bass, but he also play the guitar, drums and synthesizer; He play just what his soul sings, ranging from Jazz to Pop to Ambient to Rock, mixing free improvisation and composition.

Wilfried Hanrath is a solo artist, but works also a lot with other musicians and bands like Humanfobia, Udo Zoels, Susanne Stepbach, Eisenlager and was/is among other a member of the bands Die Abbilder, Future Light, Adam Noidlt Missiles & The Hauchzart Ensemble.


"My name is Wilfried Hanrath, I am in my mid 60s, a happy father and grandfather. I am a selftaught musician and photographer, my main instrument is the bass-guitar, but I also play guitar,  drums and synthesizers, and only recently started making use of my voice, still a bit shy about it.  After a few decades without making music I joined a jazz-rock/fusion band when I was 50. I had  gotten a very bad diagnosis and thought when will you start playing music again if not now...and  that was the start of something I hadn´t imagined in my wildest dreams. Apart from being given the  chance of a second life after a life-saving transplantation, I suddenly found myself member of an  ensemble for free improvisation, I started to play concerts and festivals with my band and sideprojects...and began to meet musicians from all corners of the world on the internet for  collaborations, which now is precious in these times of the pandemic. What I love most about making music is free improvisation...to become an organic unity with your fellow musicians and to create out of the moment something that is as unique as each moment is.  These are the most precious moments in my life as a musician."

Wilfried Hanrath, November 2021