King Arthur's Court

Psychedelic, Psychedelic Rock, Psychedelic Folk (U.S.A.)

Sky Saxon and Djin Aquarian, plus three of their friends, recorded some improvisational music in April 2005 which they released as King Arthur’s Court on a CD-r called "A Spring Honeymoon With God & Family". The physical disc is no longer available for purchase but the album can still find @ Aumega Project now.  The pieces on A Spring Honeymoon With God & Family are generally lengthy jams. They center around Djin’s rhythmic acoustic guitar and Steve “Scones” Kozyk’s bass, with lots of psychedelic electronic treatments and goodies washing through the album. Sounds of naturebirds and bees, rivers and thunderstormspop up frequently. It’s mesmerizing, really.  Sky Saxon actually only sings on four of the album’s eight songs, including its longest piece “My Queen”. This isn’t the place for his growling garage rock posturing, so as on his Father Yod's Source Family recordings from the 1970s like Yodship and Lovers Cosmic Voyage he is gentle here. And very high.

He free-associates the random bursts of his own synapses and takes his sweet time doing it.

A Spring Honeymoon With God & Family is officially described as having been recorded during a retreat near Mt. Shasta, an active volcano in the Cascade Mountains of California near the aptly-named town of Weed. After wandering around the forest, hiking to the snow line, and watching purple and green stars streaking through the sky, they recorded some improvised music at Djin’s area spiritual center, the YHWH House:

All songs written spur of the moment, while this 2-track recording was being made live at The YWHW House of Mt. Shasta on April 9-10th, 2005 by King Arthur’s Court

The complex psychedelic effects were applied with careful craftsmanship by Anthony Pego and Steve Kozyk in San Diego after recording. has the actual date of first availability of this CD-r as October 10, 2005.  Besides singing, Sky Saxon is credited with kazoo; Djin with vocals and guitar. Steve Kozyk, a.k.a. Scones, plays bass. Anthony Pego is on keyboards and vocoder, and Mark Kneass (a.k.a. Saint Germain) provides percussion, vocals, and didgeridoo on “The Invisible”.

Don’t let the phrase “spur of the moment” make you think the music on A Spring Honeymoon With God & Family is ramshackle or simplistic or directionless. Lots of work has gone into the overall feel and effect of this music, especially with regard to the wondrous sounds on each song and the nature effects. The recording quality is high too; this is an album of dense, contemplative psych presented professionally and without distractions – as a press release put it, “a neo-tribal, electronic, psychedelic musical experience”. It accurately documents the quintet’s transformative weekend on Mt. Shasta, like an impressionistic aural diaryLet yourself get sucked in to A Spring Honeymoon With God & Family, and don’t plan anything for afterwards; it can be hard to rejoin this world after walking through the colorful extraterrestrial jungle that extends in all directions from King Arthur’s Court.

 You can find detailed reviews for all tracks of the album here.

In 2019 Djin Aquarian joined Aumega Project and re-released this jewel.

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Aumega Project is very happy and feels honored, to be allowed to present this gem to the world!!!!!!!



Djin Aquarian & Sky "Sunlight" Saxon are also "solo artists" and also members of

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King Arthur’s Court, 2008 version: Aon Slane, Sky Saxon, Scones Kozyk, Justin Polimeni, Djin Aquarian

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