le mur

Progressive, Psychedelic, Krautrock, Space Rock, Neo-Prog (Germany)

Psychedelic, sometimes metallic, sometimes shrill, often dark, multilingual and complex! like that Ruhrgebiet itself, whose children they are and whose multifaceted sounds have enough space for leave inspiration and stimulation. The sounds of heavy industrial machines create theirs own beat and the sound of the Autobahn... almost like the sound of the sea in your ears.


LE MUR was founded in Bochum in 2007. The current line-up as a trio (Georgio's dose, Janine Dosier & Matthias Gräf) has existed since 2008. A sound that is difficult to categorize follows the urge to produce not just tracks, but trips that only become apparent when you consciously listen unfold properly. Conception and spontaneity come together to form a whole.


LE MUR is likeable but also uncomfortable, sometimes a bit more complicated. The music doesn't really unfold in the background, though it doesn't hurt, it demands space, it's kind of a soundtrack to a movie that only arises when actively listening in the head.

Nothing in between in a playlist, no party music, more like a quiet forty-five minutes if the mood fits. In album length. You have to get involved. Like a work of art. Art rock. If you take the time, you will notice how much love goes into details is how many hours of making music together the band has brought to where they are. The sound is special and a bit peculiar, all the recordings are made by the Band in their own rehearsal room and mixes alone. Far from conventions, what should it sound like, LE MUR have been doing their own thing for years. It is certainly not something for everyone, but for those who want to be more thoughtful, lively and independent music that has no interest in mainstream or fashion.


LE MUR have created their first three albums as a trilogy and with the help of two released on vinyl by underground labels in 2011-2018.
In tenebris ... silentia nova ... exorta: In gloom has a new, deep stillness started.
In terms of content, the trilogy revolves around one's own experiences with the attempt to escape stepping out of the darkness, which in resignation but at the same time also contemplation flows. At the same time, she looks at human scenarios and currents, some of which span centuries and leaves room for imagination and Interpretation. The musical concept consists of a extraordinary mixture with elements from Prog, Space, Blues, Trip Hop, Stoner, Jazz and even Heavy Metal together - with guitar, keyboards, Saxophone, vocals and drums. A suitable paraphrase is: Art Rock somewhere between Jazz and Noise. Kinda catchy and kinda not but at least never boring.
LE MUR will continue to do the same in the future. Money and fame are not self-imposed goals and certainly not to be achieved with the music either. To be found people that relate to artistic music, to concepts in sound and content delight, that's what LE MUR aims to do. People's feedback when listening experiencing exactly that encourages the band to continue as before: Without compromises and full of love for music...