ludi voyak

Psychedelic Progressive Rock (Argentina)

Ludi Voyak is an Avant-Garde music duet formed by classical music student Joaquín Montaos and the sound recording operator Nicolás Desulovich. Its music identity is based on the fusion between classical/ethnical sounds and electronic experiments adopting a considerable quantity of genre, such as progressive rock, medieval music, krautrock and ambient. The lyrics talks about a concept about the existence of a forgotten god (called Ludi Voyak) and his vengeance against human race.

Desu was born from a cabbage hidden in the Himalaya, Juaco was found in a basket floating in the Euphrates River. Providence joined them; now they revolutionize the world scattering the faith of Ludi Voyak.

Desu nació de un repollo escondido en el Himalaya, Juaco fue encontrado en una canasta flotando en el Éufrates. La providencia los unió para revolucionar el mundo esparciendo la fe Ludi Voyak.



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