Electro, Krautrock, New Wave, Experimental, Post-Rock, Ambient, Motorik, Trip Hop (France)

"The Incredible One Man Band - On the Electric Sound Performance" ! MACHINE MAN creates on the random soundtrack of his Korg Ms 20 ! Everything is played live without any sample ! = One Man Band


Acoustic incidents, loss of control and constant research on the thread ... as many possible paths to grasp in the design of this sensitive sound universe, resonances Electro Rock, Post New Wave, SyntPop, Krautrock, Experimental, Ambient, Motorik, Trip Hop ... in the Instant "T", Machine Man captures the sounds, generated by an intriguing Electroacoustic installation that surrounds him and of which he alone has the secret ... a kind of One Shamam Band 100% Analog & 100% Human Energy !

MACHINE MAN ! - "Sounds of soul to across the sound materials of electric music raw performance".


"How to say ... "As something that must come out" ... then, waves and vibrations are involved, as a vital flow punctuated by pulses instinctive, almost trance-like state, constant research ... on a wire ...


Machine Man delivers an intense world, often intimate depths of the soul waves, wave energy by the

waves of delicate yogurt, assorted vocalizations abstract, yet full of meaning, emotion and sometimes revolt ... always spontaneous, improvised on a random frame MS20, inspired by the moment "t",

the time lived ... shared.

Say nothing that says it all, or at least give everyone the opportunity to feed this expression of the language of sound beyond words as everyone hears through his own universe, story,

words that are specific to each of us … »


Member :


Presentation of the Five members of the group:
1. Right Arm: Battery: CC / Ride / Crash / Tom / Theremin / Mix: Console / Theremin / KaossPad
2. Left Arm: Microkorg / Microkorg XL / Korg MS20 "Cutup frequencies" ...
3. Right Leg: Battery: GC / Rc50
4. Left Leg: KorgMs20 keyboard with knee ! / Battery: Charley
5. Head: "Singing" Vocoder / Singing / Sharing Center of Random Control Loss




For better visual and audio reproduction, listening to Machine Man requires the use of a good headphone or audio system with a subwoofer, full screen viewing and a large clearance , Allowing the free expression of your choreographic mechanics, that of the letting go, consequence of the loss of bodily and mental control.




Machine Man uses a universal vocal language: Free to listen to your own words and let your unique emotional experience live, explore your personal mechanics.

Machine Man does not decline all responsibilities of acts related to the use of this visual audio sample for the purpose of modifying collective unconsciousness.

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