Maldonado, Rocky

Psychedelic, Experimental, Electronica, Folk (U.S.A.)

Rocky Maldonado is a Multi Intstrumentalist, engineer and producer from Salt Lake City, Utah.
Early in life Rocky worked as a Special Effects Makeup Artist on the many films that are shot in and around his hometown. It was during this time that he found his love of soundtracks from low budget horror films, and the discovery of music from the avant-garde and psychedelic movements of the 1960s and 1970s. After purchasing his first multi track recording machine, Rocky began to develop a sound that was very close to the music he obsessed over. Bands like Spacemen 3, and The Jesus and Mary Chain gave him confidence in his limited playing abilities and love of repetition. After drumming for the band Super 78! Rocky went on to help form The Nods and also upgrade his equipment into a small recording studio, where he currently operates. After becoming an established member of the SLC music scene for a number of years, he began recording and producing groups in SLC, LA, and NYC. Becoming more and more dissatisfied with the clique driven nature and limited number of venues in town, Rocky decided to take things into his own hands. Gathering every type of artist in town, he created The Akashic Records which is a mixed media art collective. Rocky Maldonado currently plays with groups The Nods, The Eleventh Door and Felt Lighting as well as his solo project The Electronic Works of Rocky Maldonado.

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