Ambient, Electroacoustic, Experimental (France)

At first,  I began to use the sampler ( while being drummer and guitarist,) 25 years ago for a project called Inner Tube. In this medley of progressive rock, electronic , I already liked to insert pictured landscapes parts. Then, after several years  dedicated to the piano compositions, I gradually lost both the need to create long melodies and  the rock structures too. The Midwater's Project is my desire  to create long light, aerial passages, by returning to simple melodies or even some drones, sing and simply to listen to them, because his project is coming from a need of a listener (born in 1971) and tired of listening in loops Brian Eno, Tangerine Dream's Rubycon, some Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, Klaus Schulze's moondawn/irrlicht... I made too photos and video, where I like to use and show the opposition or the fusion between the nature and the city, urban things (www.lamusiquedesimages.fr); in the same way, I try to create a  contrasted sound  as well with electronic, electric or digital sources, and acoustic instruments, field recordings. Even if this sort of landscapes music  can be  partially  closer to the ambient or  electronic music, I like to produce a little bit  old-fashioned, obsolete sound  rather than a completely digital one. I wish this music timeless and not simply a tribute to the 70's forerunners. These 3 pieces come as well from improvisation and compositions. After creating a pallet of sounds (even whole passages) on the sampler I play them, and compose and record directly. I  only use a little the editor/sequencer, that's why sometimes it sounds  not necessarily clean  or definitive. This solo project remains flexible and can be widened to some collaborations !

Guillaume Daske : all instruments and sources


About the Album
Between is the main title ;

The absolute urge to create light sound with the only real and rather agressive synthesizers I had at this time, as a roland Pro Mars and a Korg Polysix. I succeed in  recording two very long improvisations (one half hour to one hour each). I completely cut and  associate these two tracks on a netbook during train journeys through Rhone Alpes area. This Detail is important for me, because it is a real journey's piece ! Between is a shortened title; in fact it is " between two geographies "; one real, the other one dreamed; en français, entre deux eaux ! that's why I chose the Midwater name too ! Native of Alsace, I lived several years in Rhône-Alpes (and Brittany). In my dreams, I realized that a completely composite, random geography had settled down. It's this unreal, obsessive atmosphere that I tried to illustrate, by integrating particular recordings of these various places.

Memory ;
At the beginning; a rather spontaneous 5 minutes piece (organ, samples, pro mars, some vst) which became the center of this piece. A small classic guitar part introduces it and go along with the following parts. Why  the guitar? In  part, because I like to be spontaneous and to compose sometimes only with one (and simple too !) instrument . The  scratching sounds  we hear don't come from a vinyl, but are crackles generated by the Pro Mars synthesizer. But by reminding the vinyl and the passing time, it's illustrating the title " Memory ".
Yellow Sun ;
The last one three! The desire to create an SF, futuristic and nostalgic atmosphere. Contrary to the 2 other pieces, here one theme is more present. The used means  are even more various : slide guitar, distuned piano,  sampled violin and accordion, small phased organ, crowd and wind's whistlings, a lake's field recording, and so on...
Guillaume Daske


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