Mientras los arboles crecen

Post-Rock, Progressive Rock, Alternative Rock, Instrumental Rock (Argentina)

"Mientras los árboles crecen" (While the trees grow) is a personal instrumental project by Hernán Misael, an Argentine composer and guitarist from Patagonia; under the premise of represent musically everything he cannot with his words. He records and produces his own music in a self-taught way. His works are born as spontaneous fragments of puzzles, joining the pieces to represent personal events, situations, nature, or visions of some dream, making use of resources of various genres (Post Rock, Alternative Rock and even Argentine Folklore) as a way to create sound poetry. He has been inspired by artists like L. A. Spinetta, Skay Beilinson, Jeff Buckley, Tatsuro Yamashita, Eduardo Rovira, Chango Farías Gómez and Rodolfo Alchourrón. His digital albums were made in a homemade way, with the exception of the homonymous album, recorded with the band that accompanied him live. He currently has several EP and the following long-term productions (LP) : 

Les jours nuageux (2015)

An album dedicated to cloudy days. Intense, calm, cold sound, like autumn sigh. And at times noisy, like storm. 

La transición es por dentro (2016)

An intimate album. Everything that should have been said during a breakup, turned into music. A way to get through the chaos and heal.

Shinrin-yoku I (森林浴) (2018)

An album dedicated to the Japanese practice of entering a forest, absorbing it with all the senses, and freeing yourself from the stress of the city.

Mientras los árboles crecen (2019)

re-version of some songs from previous albums played live with the band in studio.