Octopus Syng

Psychedelic, Psychedelia, Progressive Rock (Finland)

Octopus Syng is a Finnish psychedelic retro band. Originally started as a solo project in the late 1990's by Jaire Pätäri. In March 2023 Jaire announced on the band's Facebook page that Octopus Syng is a one-man band once again.

Former members are Antti Sauli, Jaire Pätäri (Dildo Mania, Color Sound Underground a.m.), Joni Seppänen (Black Lizard), Jukka Toivanen (Dildo Mania), Mikael Jurmu (Soft Power, Barbara Vortex, French Films a.m.), Santtu Laakso (Dark Sun, Astral Magic).

The music could be described as Neo-Psychedelic and Progressive Rock with deep influences from late 1960's and early 1970's and by bands such Velvet Underground, The Doors, Pink Floyd or Jefferson Airplane.

Octopus Syng has already released five albums and a number of singles and EPs.