Odds Fiche

Psychedelic, Post Rock, Experimental, Progressive (Canada)

OddsFiche was started off in the summer of 2016 by Duke Gray (Guitar and effects) as a solo project. After a handful of shows and somewhat recognition for originality the rest of the band was sought after. Within a year a trio was formed and only the bassist, Hratch Keoshkerian stuck around and the two went through a succession of drummers resulting in a Spinal Tap fluidity of sorts until they came across, Kent Paris who currently completes the lineup on drums and percussion.
The band’s name is a play on words; “Odds” are the music’s a little weird and we’re a little weird and “Fiche” as in Microfiche, our music creates moving pictures in your head and can be the soundtrack to your day or thoughts.  An Audio Painting if you will.
At best described; if Quentin Tarantino and George Lucas did mushrooms and made a movie, we’d be the soundtrack to that movie!