Independent, Alternative Rock, Art Pop (Italy)

rinfiggi (Davide Moi) is an Indie - Alternative singer-songwriter, who started to release music during a confusing second year of high school, totally acoustic pieces recorded with a iphone, a ukulele and his voice only, actually: but if 2019 was already a confusing year for him, the lockdown will be even more chaotic for him, in fact he will delete every track of him on the internet and he'll decide to leave music, but despite a relationship of love and hate with creating sphere the 3rd of september 2022, rinfiggi released "voicemail" his first album. being written, produced, played, sung, mixed by rinfiggi it's a very important part of this project 'cause it make it really intimate and personal as it is: 12 tracks where you just can see rinfiggi doing the best he can to survive, basically."