Seven to Rhine

Post-Punk, Experimental, Psychedelia, Punk Rock (Greece)

Seven to Rhine is a DIY band from Patras, Greece. Four friends, having same aspects for music, politics and society, decided to start the band early in 2019. Taking elements from proto/post punk, psychedelia & experimental music in general, they started rehearshing, crafting their music and blending their tunes with the poetry/lyrics of their singer, Sotiris Lykourgiotis.


Seven to Rhine played/play only in DIY shows/gigs in squats and other solidarity places.

In November of 2020 the band released their debut album "America/Америка".

America was recorded/mixed & mastered by Apostolis Karalis @ Flowers In Concrete Studio, Patras.

In May of 2021 Seven to Rhine joined 23 Stab Wounds - Records and America was re-released (May 14th).



O Bailan Todos, o No Baila Nadie!* (either we all dance or no one will!)

*written outside a night club in Uruguay by Tupamaros, in which entrance, was allowed only to rich people.


Seven to Rhine is

Alexander - bass, Dimitris - drums & vocals, Menios - guitars & Sotiris - voice & poetry



Menios also runs the solo project Slow Eyed and is a member of Black Sand