Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor

Psychedelic, Neo-Psychedelic, Garage Rock (U.S.A.)

After they almost died while flying back from their first European tour, members of Detroit trio Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor got off the plane feeling weirdly transcendent. Terrifying as the flight might have been, it led to the creation of some of the most sublime, hypnotic and spacey music of the band's career.

Forty minutes into their flight from Athens Greece the plane lost cabin pressure, and they needed to make an emergency landing. Sean Morrow (guitar, vocals), remembers experiencing disorientation and surging adrenaline. The plane made this lurching turnaround and suddenly, with masks flailing over seats and flight attendants jostling with visible panic up the aisle. Eventually everything stabilized and a strange calmness came over the cabin. That’s when Eric Oppitz (bass, organ) noticed how beautiful the sun appeared over the Greek horizon. “It was beautiful and blissful,” he said, recalling the moment. “There was this strong uneasiness; we didn’t know if we were going to land safely or plummet into the ocean.”

Written and recorded shortly after that fateful flight, Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor’s new full length, Lavender Blood, feeds on that emotion to deliver a confounding blend of blissfulness and terror. Lavender Blood is SOYSV’s fourth release marking a slight departure from its conceptual predecessor, Desert Brain. The new album was recorded in a remote lodge nestled in the woods of northern Michigan where the band could escape back into that mindset that initially inspired the record. The trio took advantage of the building’s large cathedral ceiling and open floor plan to craft their fullest and most honest sounding album to date.

Lavender Blood, is at times lo-fi and dreamy and at times hi-fi and heavy. Songs "Die Die Die" and "Rainbow Scarecrow" bring a hard-hitting psychedelic swagger that conjures the driving beats of early Pink Floyd while maintaining the melodic overtones reminiscent of Jim Morrison and The Doors. SOYSV also returns to their Detroit roots with the single, "See You in the Mourning"; a vulnerable song that generously borrows from Motown as it slips into an eerily cheerful send-off accented by thumping bass, jangly backwards guitars and an array of sparkling percussion.

Though from Detroit, Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor’s reach is long. They are two time Austin Levitationveterans that have shared the stage with the likes of The Black Angels, (with whom they are often favorably compared) A Place to Bury Strangers, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Dead Meadow, The Warlocks, Nick Turner’s Hawkwind and played festivals such as Mid-Point, Montreal Distortion Psych Fest, SXSW, and CBGB Music & Film Festival.


"If you like the idea of an unholy cross between Brian Jonestown Massacre, the MC5, and the Doors at their horror-movie scariest, this band is gonna make you very happy". RVMAG.COM

“A few months back, psychedelic rockers Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor blew us away with "Desert Brain," the title track off their latest album. Now, they're back with a brand-new video for it – and it's a doozy!” HIGH TIMES

“SOYSV captures that stretched and blown apart haunted aura of banshee tones and head-swimming echoes like some brooding broad shouldered ghost might body check you through a plate-glass window…” JEFF MILO

“Moody dark psych opus with excellent use of drones, buzzing, multilayered, textural guitars, creepy sounding organs and in Sean Morrow, a confident vocalist who is a prime distillation of Jim Morrison and Ian Astbury, without the melodrama of the former or the grandiose nature of the latter.” ACTIVE LISTENER

“That confounding blend of mellowness and terror is reflected in the sound Sisters has been creating ever since. Last year’s album, "Desert Brain," was an epic 47-minute-long song cycle suturing psych-rock reverberations to stark blues riffs and cinematic sonic swirls.” DETROIT FREE PRESS

“Try to imagine the tension in the Beatles' "While My Guitar Gently Weeps." But louder and in outer space.” SMILE POLITLEY

“delivered a set clearly inspired by 1960’s and 1970’s psyche rock. The trio’s material fused poetically grim lyrics, repetitive riffs and spooky keyboard, with outbreaks of consciousness-expanding experimental feedback.” PANCAKES AND WHISKEY