The Stranded Alien

Electronica, Space-Core, Experimental, Post-Pop, Ambient (South Korea)

The Stranded Alien is an electronic, space-core, post-pop band based in Daegu, Korea.

The music is mainly composed by NTT a.ka. Philip Helmer. Philip has been part of the Korean music scene since 2002. He studied music and was a member of the Illinois Piano Guild in the 1980s and 90s. He was involved in the Chicago and Denver underground indie rock scenes through the mid 90s.


Stranded Alien often works with a bassist co-pilot Marko McBrain a.k.a. Mark Bower.

Mark is a multi-instrumentalist concentrating on bass, guitar and trumpet.

Stranded Alien has been performing throughout Korea since the summer of 2018.

Stranded Alien currently plans a planet wide tour including cities in Asia, Europe and the Americas.


Stranded Alien has released two full length albums as of 2020.

The first, Crash Landed and Stranded is a musical expression of power, wonder, alienation.

The second, An Interglactic Love Story builds on these themes and musically tells the story of interspecies alien love

A third album is currently in production and will musically explore alien abduction.

The album is set for release in late 2020.