the ilk

Acid Folk, Horror Folk, Hauntology, Psychedelic, Electronica, Progressive (England)

The Ilk is a London-based recording project that began in 2002 with a sound collage for Earworm Records, submitted when the original commission from infamous remix artist V/Vm failed to appear on time. The resulting piece, created using extracts from previous Earworm releases, appeared on one side of the 7" single 'Earworm Soup'. Earworm then suggested The Ilk should produce some original music, and during the next decade several works-in-progress appeared on MySpace, as a result of which a friendship was formed with like-minded act The Hare & The Moon, who would prove to be the source of future collaborations. By 2014, after a long period of honing various tracks, the time was right for The Ilk to self-release debut album 'The New Dark Age', an acid-folk opus which received good reviews and got picked up for a cassette release on Greece's Melotron Recordings. This was quickly followed by three seasonal EPs which got collected as a second full-length album 'Seasonal Variations' in 2015, adding a guest vocal from singer-songwriter Michael Warren. In 2017 a third album 'The Battle Of Winwaed' mixed in medieval and Greek influences and featured guest contributions from Joanna Swan (The Familiars), Grey Malkin (The Hare & The Moon) and Floridian psych-folk artist Katje Janisch. The following year it received a CD release on the prolific underground label Reverb Worship. The Ilk has also made several exclusive contributions to compilations released by The Active Listener, and a fourth album is currently in production.