The Interstellar Art Company

Psychedelic, Neo-Psychedelic, Progressive Rock, Acid Rock, Space Rock, Electronic (Austria)

The Interstellar Art Company is a progressive Psychedelic Rock band from Austria, Vienna, which is active since 1997 and mainly run by Woody Hafner and Bobby Ruis.

The sound of the band ranges from experimental soundscapes, classic Psychedelic Rock, Psych Folk & Space Rock to acid soaked Neo Psychedelia with contemporary electronic colors.

The band first appeared in public in the late nineties because of their airplays in various radio broadcasts, mainly in America, like the United States (f.e. John “Mystery Tramp” Jaczkowski's "Moving Sidewalks") or Canada, but also in Europe, like  Austria, Germany, Italy or England.

The I.A.C. has worked with some well-known musicians such as Roxanne Szankovich (Rainbow Lagune) or Chris Molisch and released several albums and EP's over the years.

The current line-up is Woody Hafner, Bobby Ruis, Chris Molisch, Jay Tausig & as guest Gerold Vogelauer.

The band joined Aumega Project in 2021.