Experimental, Electronic, Psychedelic (United Arab Emirates)

Tilismyst is an Experimental music band exploring the boundaries of sound. Mixing different styles with Ambient & psychedelic sounds. The music explores genres from Rock, Raga, Electronic, Psychedelic & Fusion.

Formed by Sam (Guitar & Effects) and Nitesh (Synthesizers, Percussion & Vocals) in the summer of 2016 (in Dubai, UAE), Tilismyst represents a sound that is best described as a convergence of psychedelic rock, contemporary electronica and hindustani classical music. Their approach to music is experimental and the focus is on creating a provoking and powerful aural experience for the listener

It all started with casual jam sessions which took a serious turn and the band found their music was becoming a powerful amalgamation of sound and spirit. There were some magical moments during those jam sessions and hence the name Tilismyst.

Sam has  been playing the lead (electric) guitar for 15 years. He has a passion for melody and loves playing around with modes and variety of scales. His playing is not with speed and too much technique, but has mostly a very emotive and expressive phrasing. He uses a wide variety of effects that result in quality psychedelic sounds and a deep atmosphere. Nitesh identifies himself as a Hindustani Classical musician and a passionate sound designer/synthesist. He has trained for 4 years in the art of playing the Tabla with Sam Evans in Melbourne and is presently studying ragas in the Hindustani Classical vocal tradition with Shiva Iyer at the Music Ashram in Dubai. With a strong foundation in North Indian scales and rhythm, Nitesh creates powerful harmonies with Sam’s emotive phrases, melodies and psychedelic sounds

The duo look forward to go live soon, and share their musical experiences with people.