Unbard Gates

Electronic, Ambient, IDM, Experimental, Electronic Rock, Psychedelic (U.S.A.)

A retired engineer, Unbard Gates has been a past member (bass) of 2 very diverse bands - a cover band & a World Fusion band doing mostly originals & covers in a hybrid style. After retiring, he decided to let out the creative side that had been suppressed during his working life and expand his artistic outlets focusing on music (any instrument) & handcrafted items (Maddie's Makings on FaceBook).

Home recordist playing anything. Live bass player. Unbard Gates have been creating music since the 1980’s with a couple of cheap synthesizers, a drum machine and cassette recorder. Guitars and bass were added in the 1990’s when he lived in Japan and I joined his first band when I was 43 years old (playing bass). It has been and continues to be a fun journey. He like to create music that hopefully transports a listener to another place or state of mind.