vintage cucumber

SuperTripLoveKrautPsychedelic (Germany)

Vintage Cucumber is a German (Brandenburg, Templin) Instrumental / Psychedelic / Krautrock / Post-Rock / Electronica Solo Project, founded in the deep space of earth, sun & moon; by Johannes Schulz - All Instruments - Guitar, Bass, Synths, Drums, Voices, Flute, Duduk, Fiddle, Violin, Keyboard, Samples, Sitar, Harmonica, Effects a.m.


Vintage Cucumber creates really Mind Blowing, spacey, hallucinatory atmosphere Soundtracks for your Life, Psychedelic Electronica Journeys, Trance-Atmospheric pretty wide open Soundscapes, beautiful melodic Psychedelic Tunes, as sweet as Mad Honey with Motoric Beats, Mantric Rhythms, Lysergic Vibes, Eastern Drones, Psychful Modular Trippy Sound Effects; for Chill-Out Sessions, Trips into your Inner Space and Psychonautic Experiences/Journeys.


This is far away from a single-tracked sounding music-project, VC sounds more like a well attuned Band !

The sound of Vintage Cucumber reminds some people to the late sixties and early seventies Krautrock of Bands like Kraftwerk, Neu!, Ash Ra Tempel, Tangerine Dream & Can.

But also to Pink Floyd, Brian Eno, Ozrics Tentacles, Pete Namlook or Øresund Space Collective, Sendelica and Magdalena Solis.


Since 2009, VC has made several digital and physical releases, with his very trippy and experimental SuperTripLoveKrautPsychedelic sound, that are available at the Vintage Cucumber Homepage, the Vintage Cucumber Bandcamp site and since 2014, as one of the first artists, also at Aumega Project.


Since Vintage Cucumbers third or fourth release, VC gets lots of good feedback and Reviews at Blogs and Magazines, from all around the World, like the U.S.A., Greece, Turkey, Hungary, England, New Zealand, Portugal, France, the Netherlands and much other Countries more.

Mostly of the Reviews are really positive and they read like this: ". . .I opened the bandcamp link, and for the next couple of minutes I could not recognize where I was. I don’t remember anything that happened that entire class, I was so incredibly lost in all the spacy and noise filled songs that it was the only thing

I could think of. . ."                                                                                                                                                                        Bernardo for Ride With The Devil


He also collaborated very International, with Musicians from around the World, for Split EPs.

For example with Felipe Arcazas from Brazil, The Holy Cosmos from Mexico or Marjen from Canada.


In 2018 Vintage Cucumber released "Welcome to Cucumberland" (Runtime: 3hrs), exclusive on Aumega Project, a kind of "Best Of" album, an Overview of Vintage Cucumbers Œuvre from 2014 to 2018 (with 3 new and exclusive Tracks), which is Really Highly Recommended.



Put your headphones on, lay back, enjoy the great, atmospheric SuperTripLoveKrautPsychedelic

of Vintage Cucumber and get on a MAGICAL PHANTASTIC JOURNEY !!!!!!!

ॐega Project & Vintage Cucumber wish you a great Trip !

☄ ⏺ ★ ☀ ☮


Johannes Schulz

(Guitar, Bass, Synths, Drums, Voices, Flute,

Duduk, Fiddle, Keyboard, Harmonica, Effects a.m.)