violet nox

Electronic, Experimental, Dark Ambient, Psychedelic (U.S.A.)

Violet Nox is a Boston based electronic music project creating dark ambient sonic sound experiments, using synths, guitar, effect pedals, a mixture of robotic, spacey dynamic vocals, drum machines, digital turntables and trippy trance dance beats.

The band co-releases their 5th albumEris Wakes” on Infinity Vine Records (US) and Aumega Project (Germany) on March 31st, 2022. This celestial themed follow-up to their critically received previous album, "Whispering Galaxy" again features four vocalists weaving through a sometimes dense sonic landscape of electronic rhythms, various synths and guitars.

Current line-up "Eris Wakes": Dez DeCarlo: synth (all tracks), guitar (Eris, Bellatrix, Ghost Star), vocals, granular/robotic effects and lyrics (Spaceport 5, Eris, Bellatrix, Ghost Star), Andrew Abrahamson: synthesis and clocked machines (all tracks), Alexis Desjardins: saxophone (Eris), piano (Bellatrix), guitar (Magnetar), kalimba (Ghost Star), Fen Rotstein: vocals, sampling, digital turntables (all tracks), Noell Dorsey: vocals and lyrics (Eris, Magnetar), Karen Zanes: vocals and lyrics (Spaceport 5), vocals (Bellatrix)