Progressive (Kazakhstan)

VP is Vyacheslav Potapov, born in Kazakhstan,  Almaty, in 1974. He was interested in music from the age of 14 (1988), when he had begun to study to play on bass guitar. In 1990 he gathered his first band, but he wasn’t satisfied, and kept to look for  like-minded people. There were many attempts in the period 1990-2000, but unfortunately none of them were successful.  The history of the solo project named VP began in February 2003, when Vyacheslav realized the possibility of recording music at home with personal computer. His first album "Sound Dependence" was recorded In the same year. It included compositions from early period before VP project. "Sound Dependence" became the first and the last album recorded in the style of psychedelic/experimental. Another distinction of "Sound Dependence" - it was recorded with only one instrument, the old acoustic guitar. Following album "There Is An End To Everything" is recorded in 2004. This is the beginning of the Progressive era. Vyacheslav significantly improved his skills of guitar playing to the release of this album. In the same 2004 year the jazz-rock sounding album "At Sunset of Day's" is recorded.  In 2005 VP finished his first concept album "Lilac Garden".  Two years letter (2007) new album "The Lunar Stone", which sound was similar to "At Sunset of Day's", was recorded. After that VP made a two years break. "I did not do any music at this period, and I even thought to stop with it at all, but in 2010 I tried to upload my music to the Internet, I did not expect that my work would have so many positive reviews and emotions. I realized that in fact my music is needed. So, I sat down to work on the new album "Water World". "Water World" became the second concept album of VP. It was recorded In January 2012. This album turned out to be the most popular among prog-music lovers.

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Water World