Zanes, Karen

Psychedelic Folk, Psychedelia, Acid Folk, Chamber Folk, Paisley Revival, Alternative, Drones (U.S.A.)

Karen Zanes is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from the Boston/Cambridge area. In addition to her solo project, she is a contributing member of the electronic-experimental collective, Violet Nox. Other affiliated projects include The Freeways & Second Day Venom.

Zanes music is acoustic & electric dreamy Psych Folk with "alluringly unemphatic vocals (DigBoston)", conducive to deep reverb and tape delay, inspired by nature, love and tarot.

Blending elements of Psychedelia and Folk - Zanes utilizes various acoustic and electric guitars and tunings, slides, small percussion instruments, loops, organ drones, drum samples and voice to create an atmospheric space for her songcraft to flourish.

Released her 4th album, "Cloaked" on Infinity Vine Records & Aumega Project on June 25th, 2021. Zanes builds on themes explored on her previous album, "In the Court of Wands," and expands with added instrumentation (ukulele, vintage organ drones, drum samples, tambourine), to create a lush, sonic atmosphere for a decidedly poetry-driven collection of songs.

From Keith Hadad via Record Crates United:

"Karen Zanes’ In The Court of Wands is without a doubt one of the most soothing and cathartic listens you are likely to find within the world of contemporary acid folk music. From ethereal, acoustic studies of conflicted love, vulnerability and evolving emotional processes, to astral wanderings that are roughened by electric grit and hazy Psychedelia, the Cambridge dwelling Zanes invites the listener into a magical yet intimate world."