Aquarian, Djin

Psychedelic, Folk, Psychedelic Folk (U.S.A.)

Djin Aquarian is a gifted, in the United States of America very well known musician, who is musically active since the mid sixties. He was/is a member of Father Yod's legendary Source Family and the band Yahowha 13 (Yahowha 33 a.m.), he also played very often together with other magnificent musicians over the years, e.g. the worldwide well known Father of Flower Power” - Sky "Sunlight" Saxon (The Seeds, The Happy Hour Band, King Arthur's Court a.m.) or younger musicians like Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpinks) and many, many other great & well known artists more.

Djin still appears musically up to the present day, at over seventy years. Since a few years he lives at Mount Shasta, California and work together with the Temple of Intention, a global community center dedicated to evolutionary consciousness, that is located just west of the sacred peaks of Mount Shasta.


Djin in his own words:

I left Chicago in 68 to go to LA seeking my fortune in songwriting because I thought my music fit in better there where there was more open mindedness toward my peace and love music. I landed a job writing “bubble gum” songs for a company owned by Don Williams, Andy Williams brother, for $100 a week.

After a year of that the company went belly up and I had an opportunity to have one of my songs go to the 5th Dimension but I wouldn’t let their manager change a word in my lyric and so he didn’t use it…oh well…what was I thinking?I moved up to San Francisco and started a band with an old Chicago buddy Frank Biner (R.I.P.), and played the bay area for a while….I also busked on the streets where in 1971 I had certain profound spiritual experiences while dancing to the music of Ravi Shankar and George Harrison’s Bangla Desh concert and within several months had moved back to LA and joined the spiritual mystery school Essene commune called “The Brotherhood of the Source”/ “Source Family”, where I became the guitar accompanist of Father Yod/Yahowha and main guitarist for the family band, Yahowha 13, playing on all of the now highly collectable and valuable spontaneous psych/wisdom-music we recorded there in our garage in the Hollywood Hills. 37 years after this music was recorded and distributed out of our Health food restaurant on Sunset Strip, the band has been brought back together because of the underground popularity of young and old audiences worldwide who see us as pioneers of that genre. During the times in the Source Family I met brother Sunlight Sky Saxon Aquarian (R.I.P.), “Father of Flower Power”, former lead singer of “The Seeds”, and formed a lifelong friendship that produced some great music which people have collected and enjoyed….”Fire Water Air’s”, “Masters of Psychedelia”, “Happy Hour Band’s” “Happy Now”, "The Djin Aquarian Band" and “King Arthur’s Court” are among them.


After the dispersal of the Source Family in 77 I landed another songwriting gig with a company in Honolulu called Trim Records which led to the lead singer for Country Comfort, Billy Kaui, doing my song “Workin On the Railroad” (not the traditional). It's still available on his greatest hits album.


In 1979 while in a deep meditation on Maui Yahowha spirit directed me to write the Book of Revelation into a mystical rock musical to bring the Source Family back together….it didn’t of course….but this timely project is ongoing and now corresponds more than ever to what’s going on in humanity.


Destiny of Aquarius is a compilation of songs that were written mostly out of the prevailing love/truth spirit of the 60’s and early years in the Source Family and shortly after. The songs are of an eternal nature in that they are about the concerns we have not found sufficient answers too….war, poverty, government abuse but also love and wisdom which we need much much more of.


Due to public demand YaHoWha 13 has reformed, without Father Yod-Yahowha of course who passed over in 75, and we have released several new recordings…”Feather of Wisdom”, “Sonic Portation” and “2013”.


The Age of Aquarius is upon us and the consciousness is being renewed within many people young and old, some who were here at the early beginnings and some who wish they were and want to participate in it now. To this consciousness’ awakening I “liv-icate” “Destiny of Aquarius” and hope it moves us closer to our planetary dream of Peace Love and Truth

Djin Aquarian



Aumega Project is very happy and feels honored, to be allowed to present the music of this great musician to the world!!!!!!!



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