Ash Magna

Cosmic Psych, Electronica, Psychedelic, Experimental, Ambient, Soundscape, Krautrock, Progressive (England)

Ash Magna came into existence alongside Vostok (both originally solo recording projects - Vince Cory all instruments - later came contributions with various people, including primarily; Chriz Meinhardt - oglala overtone stringboard / Daneel Olivaw - electronics  / Dan Schott - samples, beats / David Greenald - drums) at the same time - Vostok sound is of "off earth/outer space/sci fi" - heavier, more space rock/industrial/soundscape approach - while Ash Magna is more of  "earth/inner space/sci fi" pastoral/electronic/ambient /soundscape - so each recording fell to whichever as they were being created - altho obv a similar feel/vision - some live recordings and gigs featured Paul E Williams - drums / John Bullen - bass / Barry Mart - synth / Lee Carr - bass.

Ash Magna is a continual process ...


Vince Cory is also a Solo Artist and a also a Member of Sonic Trip Project, Zahn and Vostok