Sonic Trip Project

Space Rock, Acid Rock, Psychedelic, Krautrock, Cosmic Prog, Progressive Rock (England)

Sonic Trip Project - an extention to focus ideas from Red Elektra 69 / Vostok / Ash Magna - created to bring together ideas moods reaching into the past and future of Space Rock/Kraut Sound/Kosmiche/Space Punk/Psychedelic Garage Rock/other electronic ambient drifts soundscapes - STP have played around the psychedelic space rock alternative festival circuit in UK ((+a few times in Germany- Psychedelic Network Festival /Z-Bau))/  including - Hawkeaster/Kozfest/Blind Cat/New Avalon Ballroom/Dr Sardonicus /Dionysus/Sonic Rock Solstice/On Board the Craft/Pheonix Alt/Wingy Thingy/Surplus/Rebel Rebel/HRH Prog(scheduled for Oct. 2020)and others - other musicians who contributed to the early experiments include Paul E. Williams / Dave Greenald both on drums - J.J. Bullen on bass - the current 2020 line up is Vince Cory / Darren Butler / Barry Mart / Lee Carr



Vince Cory is also a Solo Artist and also a Member of Ash Magna, Zahn and Vostok