backnee horn

Experimental Avant-Psychedelic Rock, Extreme Avant-garde (Israel)

Backnee Horn was established in 2006. Band members were, Rudi J on drums and vocals, Yevgeny Kushnir on guitars, and Shimon Afriat on bass guitar and keys. Later on, Zohar Cohen joined the band with his mellotrons, and on the middle of 2009 the band released its 1st album – “Backnee Horn”. Shimon Afriat moved on to other projects, and the band continued working. Alex Furman joined Backnee Horn on keys and other technological gadgets, and [e]Rogi Niniart, on synthesizers and bass guitar. The 2nd album – “Backnee Horn II”, a double CD was released on 2011 and the double vinyl was released on January 2012. "Backnee Horn II" includes material that is more extreme than in the 1st. The band continue working and recording together in “Head-Lee” studio. "Backnee Horn III", a triple album, was digitaly relased on November 2012, and a triple vinyl album was released in November 2012, following a hyatus Backnee Horn returned with a split album with the German band "Das Raumpiloten" in March 2014 and with an EP which is available in digital form only via bandcamp, following good reception more albums have been made specifically for bandcamp and the digital age.

Backnee Horn's music manifests extremely boarderless inspirations.

Rudi J. - Drums, Vocals, Voices
Rogi Niniart - Bass Guitars, Guitars, Synths, Samplers
Alex Furman - Synths, Samplers, Effects, Noises
Yevgeny Kushnir - Guitars, Samples, Synths