das raumpiloten

Psychedelic Krautrock, Experimental, Post-Rock, Motorik, Hypnotic Beats (Germany)

Psychedelic Krautrock Project from Germany, North Rhine Westphalia.

The Œuvre of Das Raumpiloten goes from hypnotic Psychedelic Krautrock with motoric beats, to Experimental and Lyseric Avant-garde with wide open soundscapes, in the spirit of the Seventies Krautrock Pioneers.

At the current time Das Raumpiloten has released three Albums, a Tape, a few EP's and some Sampler contribution f.e. for On the way to Wümme, a Tribute Album to Faust or The Active Listener.

They recorded a jingle for the  Underground Äxpärten (Society, Radio, Concert Promoters) Radio Show (broadcast on Radio Sunrise, Germanys first Pirat Rock Radio Station back in the Seventies), which you can find on the CD New Way Of Krautrock.

They also had some collaboration with international musicians such as Knall (from Cologne, Germany), Backnee Horn (from Israel, which they have revived for the Split), Ars Caelum (from Argentina) or Lubianka (from Spain), for some Split EP's.

Their first album "Raum" was very well received by the audience and got consistently good reviews, like f.e. from the french Clair and Obscur. The track "Journey to Kepler 22-b" from their debut album, goes straight to the chart position number one on the (at that time very popular) music side Sound Awesome, for weeks. They also entered very quick on chart position number one, on the ReverbNation (the Facebook music side) Experimental Bands - Charts. From the beginning, their music get also lot of broadcasting from Radio Stations all around the world.

In 2015, the community Round Trip listed their second album "Through The Magick Mountain" as one of the Top 20 Psychedelic Releases 2014.

The third album "Sophie' Trip", which produced the successful video clips for "La Situation Dangereuse" & "Condor", was an Aumega Project Exclusive Release, which helped the label a lot, to get more attention.

Das Raumpiloten was the first Aumega Project band and all albums by Das Raumpiloten are in the highest places, on the list of our mostly downloaded releases.

At the end of 2019 Das Raumpiloten will release the new album "The Cosmic Ritual of the Brotherhood".

A live album which was recorded at a very exclusive secret gig, in a vault (with phantastic room acoustics) of a castle, in Belgium.


Das Rॐπloten wishes all listeners a great time and a nice trip into an altered state of consciousness !!!

Namaste  नमस्ते