Psychedelic, Electronica, Garage Rock, Traditional, Space Rock (France)

Bereshet is a band focused on long psychedelic jams but also to the point effiscient pop songwriting, they like to make their audience  dance, and create an atmosphere out of this world, to induce magickal trances, and mix a wide variety of influences from alternative 90s garage rock to traditionnal Gnawa Music from Morocco, Space Rock straight from the 70s, and Celt Music from their own region.  A deep universe of colorful and creative repetition evoking the depth and darkness of space, but also it’s wide variety and where it stems from on earth, all conveying a message of peace, love and freedom.

Bereshet are:

Alexandre Kerisit - bass & added vocals

Jérémie Goubault - guitar, vocals & krakebs

Yovan Cueff - drums


Jeremie Goubault is also a solo artist