Goubault, Jeremie

Psychedelic Rock, Psychedelia, Jam Rock, Traditional (France)

"I started playing music at the age of 9, thought it seems i’ve always been singing around… 6 years of violin at the conservatory, then i picked up  guitar, to pick up girls…

After many fruitless efforts to create bands in school and many more recording stuff on my own, my first real performances were on the streets  when at 19 I dropped out of colledge and ran away (2014)

I hitchhicked to Scotland and played with the band called Rail Yard Ghosts a bit, shortly after this experience, I met countless musicians  interested in the same kind of music as me: Psychedelic Rock.

Thus the project of Nebulous Sun rose into existence. In March 2015 I Hitchhicked to the small town of Northhampton, where I spent most of my early spring recording tracks that have been in my head for a while and thanks to the timeless efforts of my friend Mihai Racoreanu, the 1st  Nebulous Sun album was born.

After getting back to France, I got my own home studio setup in november and started to work on a second concept album called the storyteller and this time I included my brother Elie Goubault on the keys and a few of  his compositions. In Early 2016, I met a french hip hop artist called Wame (Abdul Njantang),  in Nantes with whom i’ve been recording tracks ever since. Then late 2016 I made friendships that became revelations to me…  I met Johann Godefroy and a bunch of other musicians in the city of  Rennes where we started another unfruitfull endeavor called chaordism, a  wonderful progressive rock band, we recorded one 12 minute long track and wrote two brilliant songs, but to no avail, as dissent in the band started to grow, thus leading to it’s dissolution.

In 2017 everything changed thought. I integrated the band Kokobasaï as a replacement for Johann, I then moved to Rennes, in May that year. Kokobasaï ended up not working out...  So I started to focus on Nebulous Sun again and spent a few months practicing with a diverse bunch of people, interviewing many folks until drummer Pierre Lebouteiller contacted me. This set my standards much higher than what I ever expected, so I took a lot of time finding the right fit. As i was about to give up, bassist Kevin  Brosse came out of the blue and I instantly knew this formation would be steady. Thus Nebulous Sun’s most brilliant lineup was born. I tried creating a side band in a more Psychedelic rock vibe for a while, also casually collaborating with Fingerstyle artist Fyre Ô.  I also worked in a second more west african oriented band called  Kakoulouma, during the course of 2018 we had a few gigs, followed by a  dissolution caused by unpaid gigs. June 2018, after seeing Gnawa  musicians play in Rennes, I went to Morocco and found a deep inspiration there, as well as in celtic music at events such as Yaouank. Early 2019 Nebulous Sun was starting to give more concerts, I recorded  my first video clip with Wame and the help of a lot of friends.  Also i was integrated in Pierre’s second project called Rhùn.  Nebulous Sun recorded our album first tale that year, I went back to  Morocco, where I spent more time dwelling into the apprenticeship of  Gnawa music, i brought home a Hajouj with me. October 2019 my project with Wame started a bounce in a new direction, we needed a bass player to play a groovy bassline, i called bassist Alexandre Kerisit, from this point  on my other big project was born : Bereshet.  I’ve felt contempt of having three fully active bands until september 2020.  I got suspended from my driver’s licence, the result of which i couldn’t get to Nebulous Sun or Rhùn rehearsals any longer and Nebulous Sun disbanded, Rhùn continued without me.

Bereshet kept going, thought things got much harder without being able to  get around so easily with a lot of heavy gear.  My personnal life was getting worse as well, and little by little everything  i’ve been building fell appart. So to rebuild myself, I focused myself on  turning that raw energy of suffering into music. And this time i tried my  best to do everything myself, and not give in to the temptation of wanting  to rely on anybody else. I healed with the music centered around the 7  chakras, something i had in mind since 2014, released 7 years later !  I made the big leap into something more serious in summer 2021, when i  managed to get booked at quite a few gigs in Germany and Poland, after  the tour with Bereshet, I drove paying my gas expenses with the music,  until i got to Poland, and thus i made it to FRUN festival, summer contrast, and finally Siemia bug festival. During these experiences, i’ve met  countless amazing people, and started a new project Age of Aquarius in  Warsaw, then after going back to France to organize myself, i am now  living in Warsaw where i am currently working on my next album."

Jeremie Goubault (2021)


Jeremie Goubault is also a member of Bereshet