Doctor Cosmonaut

Electronic, Kosmische Musik, Psychedelic, Experimental (Poland)

Doctor Cosmonaut is an Electronic/Machine Music, Kosmische Pop project from Poznań, Poland, started in 2014.
Inspired by Kraftwerk, New Romantic, David Bowie, Traditional music, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Retrofuturism, and Tangerine Dream.
The first album, "Globetrotter", was released in 2016. The project featured guest female singers,

A.J. Kaufmann's voice, and additional mechanics by Izabella Schoener.
The latest album, "Tanz Metropolis" was released on Via Kosmische in January 2019, and moves away from the Kosmische Pop roots into a more Techno oriented sound.
It is also purely instrumental.


A.J. Kaufmann is also a Member of

Säure Adler

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