Chrome Screws

Ethereal Darkwave, Cold Wave, Experimental, Electronic, Post-Punk, Avant-garde (Poland)

Chrome Screws is an Experimental Wave project run by A.J. Kaufmann. In contrast to his solo works, his bands and his other projects like Säure Adler, Cybernatic Spin, Die Rote Erde & Doctor Cosmonaut, Chrome Screws is less psychedelic and improvised but more song oriented.

However the music still has enough space for experimentations and weird, avantgardistic, wide soundscapes, as one is used to from A.J. Kaufmann and his mind-blowing musical journeys.

It's not easy to describe the sound of Chrome Screws, the music is basically like a kind of Dead Can Dance, This Ascension, Psyche, In the Nursery, The Sisters of Mercy, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Joy Division, Bauhaus, Wire, The Residents & Devo hybrid, but also contemporary and very unique in it's own way.

Practically a musical cross-section from the late seventies to the present day and far beyond.

"Chrome Screws" the outstanding self titled debut album was recorded during the corona pandemic 2021 and released via 23 Stab Wounds - Records on May 28th that same year.


A.J. Kaufmann is also a Member of

Säure Adler

Cybernetic Spin

Die Rote Erde

Doctor Cosmonaut


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Chrome Screws