Krautrock, Experimental, Electronica, Psychedelic (Germany)

Kyffhäuser is a collaboration between Thomas Hopf and Stephan Hendricks.

Thomas Hopf is & was primarily a splendid percussionist, for various bands and artists (Damo Suzuki, Michael Karoli, Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Frankensteins Ballet a.m.), since over 40 years. He is also a sound engineer who works for the German cinema, but furthermore he is a magnificent multiinstrumentalist & an accomplished & experienced sound wizard par excellence, with a superb sense of phantastic tunes & intoxicating moods, who conjures terrific psychedelic soundscapes, in which you can perfectly dive in and experience outright new states of consciousness.

Stephan Hendricks is a German musician, music producer, singer, composer and lyricist. He first became known to a wide audience as the frontman of the band Jelly Planet before he started as a solo artist. He has released several albums with companies such as Sony Music, Virgin Records and so on. Together with his former band he wrote and composed a title for the Hollywood blockbuster "Igby Goes Down".

The music that Hopf & Hendricks create together as Kyffhäuser is best described as electronic, psychedelic Neo-Krautrock. Driving beats accompanied by hypnotizing soundscapes, enriched with strange samples, bewitching, enchanting noises & psychoactive sound effects. This is where electronic instruments such as synthesizers or effects devices meet analogue such as bagpipes and field recordings. One moment there are ethnic sounds that almost calm you down and the next moment bizarre samples and acid soaked sounds flash through your head, which immediately catapult you into another sphere and lets you taste the sweet, multicolored sound.

Influences from pioneers like Can, Brainticket, early Kraftwerk or Cluster mixed with a completely unique, fresh style and Hopf & Hendricks' own note.

Kyffhäuser made their debut with the split albumÉlectronique Psychédélique” in October 2023 on Aumega Project.



Thomas Hopf is also a member of

Yellow Sunshine Explosion

Frankensteins Ballet


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Électronique Psychédélique (Split with Astral Magic & Son of Ohm)