Chelo Lares

Electronica, Psychedelic, Shoegaze, Space Rock, Folk, Krautrock (Argentinia)

Musician and composer born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the winter of 1984. Many different artistic inspirations and everyday life in the city created an urgent need for expression, then, the first songs emerged as an inexhaustible torrent.

An initial approach to the folk song would be embodied in "El Chelo EP" (2010), an album of intimate songs, raw and stripped, recorded and produced independently. Then, the evolution, the LPBajo la influencia de la gravedad” (2014) shows an approach to Western music and space folk, with more developed melodies and arrangements, motivated by the inclusion of new instruments.

In 2014 he formed the band “Los Feriados”, a project entirely dedicated to the exploration of psychedelic sounds, inspired by Space Rock, Shoegaze and Ambient music. In April 2016, their debut album "Las Eras" is released.

In 2015 he joined the psychedelic rock bandFlores de Sinaloa”, fully devoting himself to the electric guitar cult.

The constant search for new sounds and ways of recording, results in “Slow Fire Gaucho” (2016), an EP that mostly contains instrumental songs of a certain experimental and ambient nature. Sound landscapes inspired by Westerns, ruined cities and trips to the interior of the mind.

In April 2017 he released “Born Alien”, continuing and expanding the path of "Slow Fire Gaucho", but this time completely surrendered to Space Rock and psychedelic sounds.

In May 2018 the space age is consolidated, arrived "El verdadero viaje es el retorno" with Matias "Fausto" Rivara on drums. A five track EP that explores the sound of the 60's Blues, Folk, and Psychedelia with a full band sound.

He's devotion for 70's German rock culminates with "Narcolepsia", published in November 2019, a brand new EP formed by four instrumental songs, a 30 minutes fuzzy trip strongly inspired by tribal rhythms and repetitive sounds.



Chello Lares are also a member of Flores de Sinaloa Drone Head