die rote erde

Experimental, Kosmische Musik, Psychedelic, Electronic, Avant-garde, Improvisation (Poland)

Die Rote Erde (Red Earth / Czerwona Ziemia) is a weird psychedelic trip into the mind of A.J. Kaufmann; sometimes together with various other atists, but most of the time solo.

Inspired by the work of William S. Burroughs, Krautrock bands like Kluster & Can, Angus MacLise, Free Jazz and early industrial culture. Die Rote Erde was always on the experimental side of things and is a mix of recent free guitar/bass improvisations treated with VST fx, VST synths, electronics, samples, machines, field recordings, voices, extracts from obscure LPs, tape manipulations and more.

The sound of Die Rote Erde goes from Psychedelic Noise, Drones, Art Punk to Ambient, Musique concrète & Kosmische Musik, Soundtracks for imaginary movies.


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