Jevan Cole

Folk, Psych Folk, Wyrd Folk, Acid Folk, Psychedelia (Australia)

Jevan Cole is a songwriter, composer, interpreter of folk music, and multi-instrumentalist whose musical output has always veered towards the dark corners of the human psyche. As well as drawing from the deep well of traditional folk music and lore, his compositions are influenced and informed by mythic literature, esoterica and ecological soundscapes. His songs blend the earthy with the esoteric, the dirt with space, the logic with the soul. He is also a father, partner, gardener, field ecologist and environmentalist.

The ten instrumental pieces for fingerstyle acoustic guitar comprises original tracks on "The Gatekeeper" are influenced by, and in the style of, the English folk baroque masters Graham, Jansch and Renbourne.

These ten original pieces demonstrate an awakening passion for the trad, baroque and psych folk of England's 1960s and early 70s as represented by bands like Pentangle, The Incredible String Band, The Watersons etc..
They were composed over a two year period whilst living on a typically disfunctional commune at Mt. Nebo, west of Brisbane.
After a three year stint with Queensland Permaculture/Pagan folk outfit, One Straw, which produced the uniquely original 'Spinners Dance' album, The Gatekeeper marks a shift from the full band line up to a sparser, more open sound, and a transitional period between One Straw and subsequent long term collaborations with Seamus Kirkpatrick (Voice, Clarinet), who appears here on one track (Last Quarter), and later, Jan van Dijk (fiddle).


Jevan Cole release also under the name Meadow Argus

and is also a member of the bands One Straw & Small Engine Chorus