Small Engine Chorus

Electronica, Ambient, Dark Ambient, Experimental Electronic, Drones, Avant-garde (Australia)

Small Engine Chorus is a collaboration between good friends, and Brisbane Art-Folk luminaries, Nick Lavers (Doch, Doch Gypsy Orchestra, Woodford Fire Event) and Jevan Cole (One Straw, CKVD, The Charlie Moorland Trio, Meadow Argus). Together they immerse themselves in explorative improvisations played on modular synthesizers and heavily effected electric guitars. The resulting long-form recordings are then edited, refined, and produced, bringing a sense of focus and narrative to the slowly unfolding soundscapes.

Small Engine Chorus draws inspiration and a sense of adventure from tape and modular pioneers Delia Derbyshire and the BBC Radiophonics Workshop, Eliane Radigue and Morton Subotnic, along with early Freak-Synth groups like Cybotron, and Silver Apples. Their sonic creations, however, are firmly rooted in the present and reflect the modern Australian landscapes, both external and internal.

"Phosphenes, Vol.1 - Re/Structure" is their debut EP. A sometimes beautiful, sometimes frightening journey through pulsing beds of drones, loops and frequency shifts augmented by incidental sounds and fleeting melodic invention.



Jevan Cole is also a solo artist, he also release under the name Meadow Argus

and is a member of the band One Straw

All 23 Stab Wounds Releases

Phosphenes, Vol.2 - De/Compose

Phosphenes, Vol.1 - Re/Structure